Safety razors of distinction, craft made quality items.

Always keep bladed products including rasors in all forms out of reach of children

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Horn handled razor
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This safety razor has a horn handle. It’s hand turned buffalo horn and is a fine craft made item. The buffalo horn is carefully selected turned and finally polished. it’s skilled work carried out by craftsmen in families with generations of experience with this material. The horn beautiful complements the chrome and the product itself is one of those classic timeless designs perfectly matched for the job in hand. The head is a closed comb design. Each piece is unique due to the variations in colour in the horn but they are all fairly dark as shown. The overall length is four inches and the price includes a black plain box and UK postage. Stock number R61 Price 30

DE Razor R63
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This DE razor is the best fit for the two shaving stands on our shaving stands page On that page you will see combined prices which reduce postage costs if you buy the two items together. The razor comes gift boxed and as stated ten blades are included. Stock number R63 Price inclusive of UK postage 20. If you want the stand as well do not buy it here buy it on the razor stand page. If you want to combine the stands with other razors ask us first if they fit in

Butterfly safety razor

Butterfly safety razor. Screw mechanism opens the top as shown. Overall size 4 1/2 inches. Comes gift boxed with ten blades. Stock number butterfly 1. It takes standard blades. The price includes UK postage. Price 29

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Designer keyrings for sale 250

We have an increasing range of metal keyrings and cufflinks created out of relic metal of historic importance. These are the products of the blacksmith and metal worker rather than the jewellery maker. Some have important associations with historic figures in British history. Click on the image left to go to our website which carries these cufflinks and keyrings.

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Mammoth Ivory knife 127a

We have a new range of Sheffield made folding knives utilising grips of mammoth ivory. Our new new batch contains some beautiful tones of brown and cream and each mammoth ivory pocket knife is unique. Click on the mammoth ivory folding knife to go to the web site which lists them

Our new range of cartridge razors are now ready these incorporate a range of fine handle materials. Click on the image above to view them.

nebula shaving

HMS Victory 400

Admiral Nelsons advice to his midshipmen in 1792. Click on the image to go to our web site with a fine range of handmade folding knives made with historic wood.

meaningful leather green 300

Not all leather is equal. Our leather is derived from items which featured in the history of the 20th century. Iconic time worn items turned into card cases and keyrings. Vivid reminders of the historic events; leather which may have been carried in Soviet MIG fighters, Soviet battle tanks and B52 bombers.

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