This range of scissors are made with the finest Japanese steel they are delivered in a plastic sheath except where stated. The Price is inclusive of 1st class post within the UK. These are high quality handmade forged manicure instruments and some are sold and used as sewing and embroidery scissors


Stork scissors 1
stork scissors 2

Stork scissors quality embroidery scissors and ideal for christening gifts, wedding and other special occasions. Size three and one half inches. These  come gift boxed. Sharp points for fine intricate work. Price 18

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Toe nail scissors

Precision made toe nail scissors. Japanese steel of the highest quality. Overall length four and quarter inches. All our prices include UK postage. Stock number S11 Price 19 SOLD

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Curved short bladed nail scissors

This are upward curved short bladed nail scissors with a supporting shoulder. Precision made with Japanese steel. Overall length three and half inches. Some of these scissors are equally good for sewing and embroidery. Stock number S12 Price 19

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Blunt ended personal care

Blunt ended personal care scissors. Japanese steel precision made. Scissors for nose hair and other facial hair. Overall length four inches. Stock number S13 Price 19

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Moustache scissors

Rounded end moustache scissors. Suitable for eyebrows, nose hair and beards. Japanese steel. High quality precision made instruments. Overall length three and half inches. Stock number S14 Price 19

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Straight short bladed nail scissors

Straight short bladed nail scissors. Note the supporting shoulder. Precision made with Japanese steel. Size three and half inches. This blade shape is known as arrow head scissors and this pattern is also sold as embroidery and sewing scissors. Stock number S34 Price 19

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Sharp pointed curved blades

Curved sharp nail scissors. Precision made with Japanese steel. Overall length four inches. Narrow sharp blades. Stock number S15. Price 19

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Tiny sharp pointed blades

Extremely narrow small sharp blades. Precision made with Japanese steel.  overall length three and half inches. Stock number S16 Price 19

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