Tea Lights created from the brake calipers for a Bentley Brooklands car

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Robust automobile engineering with epic connections. Real provenance, functional, authentic,  but without even a hint of motor oil these brake calipers for a Bentley Eight Brooklands Continental automobile front brake pistons are a wonderful reminder of this magnificent marque. You can see the thickness of steel in the picture below.

Meaningful metal which does more than provide a cheap glow to your life. These are superb heavy items and they come with two Ivory tea lights already filled which are a snug fit. Like all our products we do not have many of these iconic items. They come with a letter on handmade paper describing them.


Bentley tea light 201

Inclusive of UK postage the tea light with four filled candle holders as shown is 39

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Remember you should not use this steel tea light holder as a candlestick it should only be used with the glass liner or a convential tea light. Never leave a burning candle unattended and keep out of reach of children and pets. You should take care that it is away from items which may catch fire and only stand it on firm flat heat resistant surfaces. Don’t stand it on surfaces which may be damaged by heat


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