Terms and Conditions for our Razors, Sheffield made Knives and other products.

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You are welcome to return any of our products in the condition you bought them in. If you have resharpened any of the bladed products they cannot be returned. That includes knives, scissors and razors. Have a look at our care of knives page before attempting to re-sharpen any of the products.

Products which have been used cannot be returned simply because we cannot then sell second hand items and usually they will need re-polishing and regrinding. Likewise shaving brushes can be returned if defective or un-used and we will immediately provide a refund. If you any questions please email us on m.carpenter519@btinternet.com

At check out on all our products you are required to certify you are over 18 and provide your date of birth. You need to ensure that in your country or legal jurisdiction you observe the law reqarding the import, carrying and use of our products. Remember to have a look at our page concerning the care of our products. Our payments are processed by Paypal so we do not see your card details and are not kept on our computer.

somme centenary

2016 marked the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. Have a look at our commemorative gift items covering this epic event by clicking on the image above. We have a quality Sheffield knife on that page.


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Remember to have a look at our ‘care of razors’ page which you can go to by clicking on the image above

This web site is owned by Malcolm Carpenter, 38 Punch Croft, New Ash Green, Kent DA3 8HP Telephone number 01474 879923 Email m.carpenter519@btinternet.com

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Check out the latest news on Sheffield made knives and special offers on typenet.com

Douglas Bader Hurricane

On typenet.com we have a number of different cufflinks made from the relics of Battle of Britain aircraft. Unique cufflinks, each handmade.

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Be sure to look at our pages of razors of all kinds on this web site.

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To see our Sheffield made knives in a wide range of different types including bushcraft knives, sgian dubhs and a variety of folding knives click on the image above

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Knife making in Sheffield has been practised for hundreds of years and you can see a short history by clicking on the above logo.

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Incorporating real material from epic events in our history are our keyrings - see them by clicking on the above image

Art Nouveau Silver

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Sheffield & other Silver

Christening Silver

Have a look at our ranges of silverware from Sheffield and other places by clicking on the links above.

Platinum Jubilee 250

The Queens Platinum Jubilee is coming up in 2022 and we have specified a pen made out of the last teak kept by the Royal Navy for Navy decks. This teak was for the Royal Yacht and we do not have much of this teak left. Click on the link above to see the Jubilee pen.

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